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Hello everybody!!

Today I want to share with you a song from my country, Argentina (there’s a lot of music apart from tango). This artist is José Larralde, a wonderful folk singer-songwriter, who has created a lot of important songs with critical messages about the injustices suffered by the working-class.

Due to the important of his lyrics, I’ve translated here the lyrics from the song titled “Qué cruz la que lleva el viento” to English. I’m not quite sure if poems/lyrics should be translated because they lose the flavor in the process, but I wanted to give you all the chance of understand the lyrics.

This song, unlike other Larralde’s lyrics, hasn’t got a political meaning, but the poetry is really beautiful. It has a lot of metaphors about the wind (viento), giving it a real human form. This is the reason why I’ve used the pronoun ‘he/his’ instead of ‘it/its’.

I hope you enjoy it!!

— Alejandro

PS.: Don’t be afraid of writing me if you have any doubt or comment ;)


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